Let's grow with
La Maternelle !

La Maternelle is a in-home preschool located in the heart of Pacific Beach

with a full french immersion education program

Learn, Create and Play

I am a certified french Preschool teacher with almost 20 years of experience in France and in USA.

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Our philosophy

We embrace each child’s individuality, creativity, and personality here at La Maternelle.


We believe children should experience childhood at its fullest. Children have the right to feel physically and emotionally secure in their learning environment.


La Maternelle provides a caring atmosphere guided by encouragement and support. 

For a better future

We know our little students will one day graduate to bigger and better things.


Early childhood education is critical to ensure children learn the academic and social skills to thrive in kindergarten, high school, and beyond.

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Art work

A team work

We help promote respect, integrity, and confidence from an early age. Simultaneously, we believe family-life is intertwined with education.


Strong communication with our student’s parents is a valued part of our school day.