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A child’s first years in school are crucial for their cognitive, emotional, and physical growth. Our program is designed to help young children practice independent work habits, develop language skills, enhance social skills, and provide the groundwork that will help them succeed later in life. Children will engage in teacher-guided play, learn how to follow directions, practice self-control, work with their peers, and develop gross and fine motor skills in a safe, friendly, warm environment. 


Our students are not “taught” French with language lessons. Young children acquire language by being immersed in it. In the process, they’ll also absorb the culture and gain a solid foundation for the language. 


Benefits of Learning a Second Language as a Child:


  • Young children learn faster and easier

  • Improves problem solving skills 

  • Can enhance future career opportunities

  • Allows children to connect with other cultures and build tolerance


We teach children French oral language to help aid early literacy.

Children learn how to express themselves, verbalize their feelings, ask and answer questions, and grow their vocabulary.

We teach the French language through age-appropriate books, games, and lessons inspired by the preschool curriculum in France. 


Socialization and Interpersonal Skills

Children will learn how to communicate with their peers and develop essential social skills like respect for others, patience, and independence.

During our school year, children are encouraged to show respect for themselves, classmates, the environment, and their community members. 


Learning Techniques

We promote a positive behavior towards learning here that will help them as they move on to grade school and beyond.

We set up a solid foundation for future education while we fine tune gross motor skills and fine motor skills.

We do this with physical activities, free-play, guided-activities, dancing, music, and more. 



Children learn time concepts, categorization, matching, and numbers with age-appropriate materials and fun activities. 

Physical Education

In our physical education classes, children learn about parts of the body, play games, and begin obtaining the skills to work as a team.

We help get your little one’s energy out with fun sharing games, dances, and more. 



Our students enjoy making beautiful works of art out of various materials and objects.


We work on color recognition and provide a safe space for children to explore their individual creativity.

We love learning through drawing, painting, and art projects here. 

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