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La Maternelle offers a warm, nurturing environment for ALL. Children don’t have to speak a word of French to join our program. Our French immersion setting helps motivate and guide young children in becoming confident, independent, caring, and reach their full potential.


La Maternelle

Our preschooler’s well-being, happiness, academic success, social & emotional learning, creativity, and language development are at the core of our learning model. Our home-based preschool creates an ideal atmosphere for self-growth and learning. Through play, exploration, art, music, and more kids will develop a solid foundation of learning. 


Did you know French is the fifth most spoken language with more than 274 million speakers? Children can learn a foreign language easier at a younger age. It has to do with the way their brain’s develop in the early stages of life. From the first day of school to the last, our classes are taught using French immersion. We use a combination of visual and verbal learning techniques when interacting with students, so they’ll begin understanding and speaking French right away. 

Meet the founder

Alexandra, the founder of La Maternelle, has had a passion for teaching since childhood. She had worked for seventeen years as a preschool teacher in France and three years in a private French preschool here in the US.


La Maternelle is a dream come true for Alexandra. As a passionate, dedicated professional, she perfectly exemplifies what it takes to be a preschool educator. 


As a mother herself, Alexandra has a kinship with children and is a graduate of the French Ministry of Education. She’s successfully completed 15 ECE units in early childhood education and is CPR and FIRST AID certified.

Alexandra’s teaching philosophies combine educational methods using arts and games based primarily on the French educational system and the Montessori method.


Accomplished Entrepreneur and Certified Preschool & Elementary School Teacher with demonstrated successes creating comprehensive curriculum to address the academic, social, and emotional needs of children ages 2-6.

Proven successes building and managing a high demand and profitable preschool utilizing a proprietary curriculum that includes French language immersion.

Creates integrated marketing plans to promote business that includes digital marketing, traditional strategies and relationship management.

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