La Maternelle, which translates to “The Preschool” in French, offers French language immersion education for children ages 2-5. Our preschool implements exceptional education inspired by the National Education Curriculum in France. Our kind, compassionate teachers are French-speaking and also fluent in English. 


La Maternelle offers a warm, nurturing environment for ALL. Children don’t have to speak a word of French to join our program. Our French immersion setting helps motivate and guide young children in becoming confident, independent, caring, and reach their full potential.


Our preschooler’s well-being, happiness, academic success, social & emotional learning, creativity, and language development are at the core of our learning model. Our home-based preschool creates an ideal atmosphere for self-growth and learning. Through play, exploration, art, music, and more kids will develop a solid foundation of learning. 


Did you know French is the fifth most spoken language with more than 274 million speakers? Children can learn a foreign language easier at a younger age. It has to do with the way their brain’s develop in the early stages of life. From the first day of school to the last, our classes are taught using French immersion. We use a combination of visual and verbal learning techniques when interacting with students, so they’ll begin understanding and speaking French right away. 

What You Should Know About La Maternelle:

  • Located in the heart of Pacific Beach (San Diego). 

  • We’re a preschool, not a daycare, meaning our children are here to learn. 

  • La Maternelle holds a ‘Large Family Care License’ and can accommodate up to 12 children. 

  • We only accept preschool-aged children (2-5).

  • Our preschool is located in a family-friendly, safe neighborhood.

  • Welcome to all, no need to be French or speak French. 

  • We are fully equipped & offer accessible parking for easy pick-up and drop-off. 

  • Safe home, warm, and uplifting environment.  

  • Kind, loving, talented teachers will help guide kids