This period is not easy, and it is a difficult decision to take when it comes to Childcare.


The priority for La Maternelle is to keep the children safe.


In addition with the guideline from the CDC (temperature check, questionnaire, visual checked, good practices, pick up and drop off procedures...), here additional practices we have at La Maternelle :

- Every adults and household member will wear a face mask during the day

- A deep cleaning and sanitizing of the house will be done everyday (sanitizing with fogging spayer)

- All the toys that will be used will be sanitize everyday and after use, children will avoid to pass and share toys before cleaning, we will use a UV box

- We will let all the windows open to let a maximum fresh air in, in addition our HEPA filtering system

- Even it is not mandatory, we will educate the children about wearing a face mask

- We educate children about social distancing and hand washing

- We try to be outside most of the time for all activities and classes (science, arts, PE, playtime, lunch...)